Delivery Information

Your order will be in process within 5 Business Days after we receive your transaction. We will contact you once your order is ready for a pickup by you or by the  Shipping Company.
 will have the responsibility to deliver within 48 hrs from picking up your order as their shipping rules and terms and conditions apply. 
If you cancel your order after the shipping company picks it up or if you Fail to Pick Up your order within 4 business days Cancellation fee on your account and you will be responsible for paying it as a result of shipping to you and back shipping to us.

Cash On Delivery System will not work if choosing an order more than 5000 L.E 

  • We can not send one order with more than 5000 L.E Cash on delivery. You can choose only bank transfer payment method.
  • We can’t ship River Product with large quantities because if your order got delayed for any emergency reasons the heat might damage River Product package. We only ship it on your own responsibility if you insist on choosing bank transfer payment method which will be not refundable. 

Thank you for your understanding.